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1980 Si and Grande owned by: Todd

Been buying Vespa parts for my Si and Grande for around 2 years from Mike. He has some hard to find parts and the finishing parts like stickers that are NOS. If there ever is an ordering issue, Mike is quick to fix it too! He has loads of parts and if you do not see it on the site, email his and ask, he probably has it. Also watch him on ebay... Thanks for supporting the hobby as you do. Both bikes have an exhaust larger carb and my Si has some Euro parts.

1976 Hercules P3 Moped owned by: Juergen

This is a German Hercules Moped, 2.5HP; legal top speed is 28 mph. It took me 30! years to get this one. I remember in 1976 when my neighbor Jakob brought this bike home. He had just purchased it brand new from the local Hercules dealer in Rheinboellen, Germany. I was 12 years old at the time and I really admired the bike, thinking that one day I would have one just like it. Life goes on; I grew up, eventually moved to the US, and almost forgot about the moped. Jump to 2006...I heard that the moped still existed, and traced it to a friend of mine who still lives in the same little village where I grew up. After long and painful negotiations I finally got the Hercules. It is still all original with some patina, and runs and drives just fine.

1977 Vespa Piaggio owned by: John Moeykens

A new project for me. Perhaps too much of a project. I found this moped that had been donated to a local Cause for Claws. It had been in a garage that was caught in the 2011 Missouri River flood. It had only about 1700 miles on it, but needs a complete overhaul. I'm not a mechanic, but felt this would be a good mental challenge. The first thing that happened is it received a pressure wash. I'm now going through all the parts, and cleaning and removing the rust. I love the dual seats! Wish me luck.

1978 vespa bravo owned by: inky

i got this bike about 20 days ago. i wait for 30 days to get it and it was to be a 1968 and that it was a vespa. i ask how much and the man said i payed 300 that was 13 yr ago,so ill take 300. we when out to get it and it was a 1978 and had 1489 miles on it and been setting for 13 yrs.i paid for it and he said that he look it up and they start out at 600 but he said 300. wow i was i love with it. this is my frist one and iam 65. i ride it eveyday and would not sell it for anything.iam tring to fine others to get some ride together.ty for letting me tell u a story. inky from grants pass,oregon

1980 Sachs Suburan owned by: Mike Graul

This 1980 Sachs Suburban is an ongoing father-son project that is nearing completion. My son (24 years) wanted to learn to “wrench” and this 'ped seemed like a perfect candidate for the top tank moped he wanted. We disassembled everything, stripped the frame and began restoring or replacing components as needed. The mechanicals are all sorted and the stock Sachs 505/D/1 engine pulls strongly. Two things remain: wire the retro CEV switches and install the hard-to-find side engine covers. Both the switches and and the side covers came from FAT CITY MOPEDS. Thanks, Mike. We're already looking for our next project.

1986 VESPA BRAVO owned by: Mike Haumschild

1971 Vespa Ciao owned by: David Bock

I recently started working on my Vespa Ciao and am doing a complete rebuild of this bike. It's my first project after a failed attempt to start a restoration of a 1975 Fiat X19. The bike has a fresh powder coat in bright yellow and I'm repainting and restoring any and all engine parts. My goal is to have a fun bike for riding around town and potentially going on short day trips and camping adventures with. Eventually I hope to get a second moped for my wife but that's far down the road. Mike has been absolutely incredible at helping me find the parts I need, going above and beyond with service -- when other companies told me to go look it up. He was incredibly fast on getting me items I needed and I know I'll be coming back as exclusively as I can to this company for additional parts in the future.

1979 VESPA GRANDE owned by: Mike Cornell


1976 Piaggio Ciao owned by: Rick Neuman

I currently have 2 identical Piaggio Ciao mopeds one yellow, one blue). They had been stored in a shed for over 10 years. My buddy and I are mechanics of sorts, but have never worked on mopeds, so this is an adventure. We plan to use them when we go camping in our vintage Airstreams. The perfect transportation for camping in State Parks etc.. Thank God I have found a place that has parts.

1980 1980 bravo 1980 grande owned by: Marc Friedman

So if you have a Vespa moped and you need some real deal not some fake pos wannabe parts mike is your man. He has several attributes that are ideal 1.) he is scrupulously honest and never misrepresents a part 2.) he knows his s..t and doesn't make believe that he is sending you something that isn't. 3.) he has a NOS stock UNRIVALED IN THE WORLD seeing he has accumulated most of Vespa moped inventory. 4.) he has so many obscure parts it makes ya head shake in wonder. I would post pics but they are on my iPhone and not here. 5.) he has gotten me all sorts of stuff unavailable elsewhere. 6.) he isn't running a charity so things can be a bit pricey but hell if you are a cheapskate go buy a Murray or something else because good Italian stuff is rare and will cost ya. But all his prices are fair and reflect that he is running a business. 7. My most beautiful bravo which looked like a pos when purchased would be the sleek machine without his parts such as nos fenders.

1980 Sachs Suburban owned by: Iron

My first ongoing project . Sachs Suburban 1980 , modified rear suspension, complete painting , handlebar change for a racer look. Wooden seat and wooden handle for demonstration. Design completely redesigned by me. Thank you "FatCityMoped" for the delivery of part not found elsewhere. Peace All and goog ride

1977 Vespa piagio owned by: Micheal A. Celedonia

I would to say to every one reading testimonials that Mike from fat city has been a real stand up guy with a good heart. He is always eager to help with questions about how too or parts. He has been a big help to me getting two of my Vespas back up and running. He also has a lot of parts listed on eBay. I will always go to him first when I need parts. I buy and sell a lot of mopeds and I have found him to be the best to work with. Thank you mike for all your help Mike Celedonia.

1977 Vespa piagio owned by: Mike Celedonia

I would like to give out a big shout out Mike at fat city who has been a big help to me in getting my two Vespas back up and running again. He is a been a real stand up Guy and so much help to me and my projects. He will go out of his way to help you find that things you need. I will always go to him first for help. Thanks so much for your help Mike.

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